Why Choose Main Street

Why Choose Main Street?


Fee Only Fiduciary & Investment Management


A “fee-only” advisor is one that does not accept commissions for recommending certain investments or financial products. This means clients can be certain that my recommendations are based solely on my professional judgment and not on a monetary incentive. This helps align the advisor’s interest with you, the client. I calculate my fee based on the number of requested services, the complexity of the relationship and the amount of assets and risk.

I have a fiduciary relationship with every one of my clients in every transaction. A fiduciary is always required to put the interests of their client ahead of their own. As a practical matter, being a fiduciary means that all conflict of interests between an advisor and client must be disclosed.


Tax Preparation & Representation


Only inflation-adjusted, after-tax returns on investments matter. My focus on personal income taxes, along with years of tax preparation experience and client representation (helping clients navigate IRS and state/city taxation inquiries), allows us to integrate a truly tax-efficient investment portfolio across all of your family accounts, as well as to engage in serious tax planning that saves real dollars. Should you already have a trusted tax professional, then you can at least rest assured that your investment manager speaks the language of tax and is therefore truly able to help deliver that tax planning value.