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At Main Street Investments, I’m about helping Main Street savers and investors maximize their wealth. Click on the links below to read where my tips have been quoted in the national press.

Are you considering buying rental or investment property? Do your tax homework before jumping in, it will save you time and dough! (September 2017).

Do you own a small business and are you looking to save money on taxes? Here are some of the most important considerations when thinking about a retirement plan . (August 2017).

Does your money guru also understand the complexities of your tax situation? Make sure that your investments and taxes are working together to maximize your retirement! Read our best tip on Social Security and taxes . (December 2016).

If you only calculate one number in your financial life, this is the one to track from year to year (August 2016).

Dividends are always an important part of any investment portfolio, and who doesn’t love a good meal? One of our juicy dividend ideas was quoted in this article for U.S. News & World Report (August 2016).

Is your advisor always a fiduciary to you? Are you sure? We offered some practical examples of why it is vital to make sure your advisor is always a fiduciary here (August 2016).

Owning your own home is not the only way to invest in real estate. Learn our take on some alternatives here (July 2016).

Are you thinking of relying on home equity to fund part of your retirement? Our advice is to be careful (July 2016).

The cost of carrying even small credit card balances from month to month is higher than you think (July 2016).

Have you ever thought about buying unconventional investments? We offered some advice around one of our favorites liquid assets (June 2016).

Receiving and re-investing dividends are very important strategies to build wealth over the long term; in fact research says that dividends comprise up to 40% of an investment’s total return. Some of our dividend plays for 2016 were featured here (January 2016).

Do you and your spouse have arguments surrounding money? U.S. News & World Report published some of our strategies to help find common resolutions here (November 2015).

Are you in your 50s and worried about not having enough saved for retirement? Find out what we consider the biggest danger to the 50-something: Go Banking Rates (September 2015).

How should Main Street investors react to wild swings in equity markets? We provided some ideas for this article in Forbes (August 2015).

Why is a Roth IRA a great vehicle for Main Street Investors? Why do we recommend that nearly everyone have one? Read our take in USA Today (May 2015).

Who says investing has to be complicated? We believe that complicated investing is often simply a justification for high fees. Read more here (May 2015).

Of course you’ve heard of spring cleaning for your home, but did you know that regularly scrubbing your investment portfolio can juice its returns? We explain in this Nerd Wallet feature (April 2015).

How can investors facing retirement protect their bond portfolios in a rising interest rate environment? Get our bond fund recommendations in this article from Investor’s Business Daily (June 2015).

How can a small business retirement plan help Main Street businesses (and their owners) save big on taxes? We contributed our favorite tip for this Nerd Wallet article (April 2015).

Savers often have to trim lots of expenses to maximize savings. Luckily Main Street is living in the ‘Golden Age of Investing’ (March 2015).

Main Street is full of DIY investors. Get some tips for managing your own investments (March 2015).

How does financial planning help Main Street save money? Read about when we used creativity to solve a soon-to-be-retiree’s health insurance problem (February 2015).

While we seldom recommend individual equity holdings in a Main Street investment portfolio, our take for highlights what we believe is the increasing importance of Asia (February 2015).

As a Main Street taxpayer, do you feel like you’re paying more than your fair share? Turbotax published some of our favorite tax saving tips (here, here and here) (February 2015).

As you know from our page here, being a fiduciary to our clients is something we at Main Street take very seriously. Our thoughts on the industry standard have been featured in Fiduciary News (here, here, here and here) (July 2014, November 2014, December 2014 & January 2015).